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An epidural takes up to 45 minutes to work, so if the baby’s coming it could be too late. from

Explainer: what is an epidural for labour?

Epidurals were developed for pregnant women to address the severe pain of labour. In Australia approximately one in three pregnant women in labour has an epidural for pain relief.
I want that one, or do I? Maclauren70

Choosing who provides your care is empowering but only if you know how

Many governments are going to great lengths to provide better information about the quality of health and social care services. In the US, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid recently announced a raft…
Can you ever be anonymous in your doctor’s surgery if your doctor isn’t? MTSOfan

Your NHS data is completely anonymous – until it isn’t

The debate about uploading nearly all data from UK medical practices to a national database continues to cause concern. Responding to fears that the information held in the database will put…
Doctors and scientists are encouraging school leavers to party safe this schoolies week. AAP

Using new hospital toolies to help Gold Coast schoolies

For the first time, Gold Coast hospitals are preparing for schoolies using technology to predict when drunk and injured teens…
Not carpet bombs, but competition.. Pixabay/LoboStudioHamburg

If anything, the NHS should be carpeted with more competition

David Nicholson, the retiring Chief Executive of NHS England, has warned against what he called “carpet bombing” the NHS with competition. For him, and others, less focus on competition is a good thing…

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