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Worst musical name ever? Yui Mok/PA

Lloyd Webber flop Stephen Ward bewildered the audience

No one has ever claimed that the gods of theatre are fair. Musicals have flopped in London for any number of reasons: some were ahead of their times (the first production of Sweeney Todd), some were overpriced…
Makoko Floating School, Designed by NL Makoko Community Building Team. © NLÉ

Don’t judge Designs of the Year 2014 at face value

I have a golden rule, which is never to review a building unless I have been to it. Architecture is at heart about use and experience, and this simply cannot be conveyed through pictures, words and drawings…
Has Danny Cohen stolen Bonneville’s comedic limelight? BBC/Jack Barnes

W1A falls short of the real absurdity of life at the BBC

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” But W1A, the BBC’s new let’s-all-laugh-at-ourselves observational comedy, has shown art can be quickly left behind, following…
Give documentaries on AIDS the centre stage. Dylan Mohan Gray

Documentaries can tell us more about AIDS than Hollywood

Documentaries have the power to tell the stories with the most impact. They describe the “real” world, present “real” problems. Despite this, it is drama and Hollywood film that reaches the masses. As…
Christ and the Centurion, Paolo Veronese, c. 1570. © Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado (P00492)

First major exhibition of Veronese in the UK dazzles

A review of the National Gallery’s latest exhibition, Veronese: Magnificence in Renaissance Venice can be short. Why? There’s no umming and ahhing here, it simply must be seen. This is the first ever exhibition…

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