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School funding is under the microscope for the first time in nearly 40 years. torres21

Gonski review: experts respond

A much-anticipated review of Australian school funding, spearheaded by businessman David Gonski, was handed to the Gillard government today. We asked Australian education experts to respond to the report’s…
Science writer Simon Singh and Observer journalist Nick Cohen, at the Royal Courts of Justice, 23rd February 2010. Robert Sharp/English PEN

Pointing the bone at chiropractic quackery – lessons from the UK

Marcello Costa is a co-founder of “Friends of Science in Medicine”, an organisation established to campaign against university health-care courses that are not adequately supported by scientific evidence…
Nearly 8,000 objects have been identified for possible collision with Earth. Pat Dalton...

Space invasions: what to do when stuff falls from the sky

In the past six months, it seems something has fallen from the sky every second minute. In September, the UARS satellite re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, causing a media frenzy. In October, the German…
A video of US marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters indicates a breakdown in local leadership, says one expert. YouTube

US Marines urination video an artefact of war, says expert

A video has emerged (WARNING: graphic content) depicting US Marines urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters. Afghan President Hamid Karzai had led criticism of the Marines, while US defence secretary…
Artist Peter Gouldthorpe’s representation of convict women baring their backsides during church as a form of protest. AAP/MY WORD

Whores, damned whores and female convicts: Why our history does early Australian colonial women a grave injustice

Some years ago while researching for my book on suicide in Australia, I thought it would be interesting to begin the book with a case study of the first recorded settler suicide in Australia. It did not…
Mirrors of a magical scientist: Andromeda photographed through a Newtonian telescope. Flickr/JonBaglo.

Digital alchemy: Sir Isaac Newton’s papers now online

The notebooks of Sir Isaac Newton, who was famously reported to have suffered a (scientifically) earth-shaking blow to the…
Protests continue - but are global economies now bound inextricably together?

Remember globalisation? It’s all around you

Remember globalisation? It’s not a term that’s much in vogue any more. Here at Flinders University, our globalisation program closed down last year. But if you were around in the 1980s and 1990s, you might…
Media reports of crime and grief often refer to a family’s need for “closure”. AAP

There’s not always ‘closure’ in the never-ending story of grief

Media stories about crime and grief often centre on the concept of “closure”. It’s assumed families affected by crime or loss need to achieve closure and can’t begin the grieving process until the perpetrator…
The father of Nael Abu Hlayel, who blew himself up in Israel in 2002, holds up pictures of his son. AAP

9/11: Why suicide bombers blow themselves up

Ten years ago, nineteen young Muslims commandeered passenger jets and killed themselves, taking with them 2973 people to the inferno of fire. Since the 9/11 attacks, suicide bombings have become a staple…
Legionella’s is rare but can have devastating effects on those with compromised immune systems. Flickr/Alex R

Hospital outbreak of legionella – should we be worried?

Every few weeks or months we see another outbreak of the potentially deadly legionella bacteria. Today, it’s a regional South Australian hospital, where 36 aged residents have been exposed to a contaminated…
Unconscious ups and downs are normal – and pretending otherwise is unhelpful. sharmili r

Broken sleep? It’s a rollercoaster ride

Most people believe normal, healthy sleep should be long and uninterrupted from start to finish. Well, guess what? They’re wrong. This erroneous public perception of sleep was apparent in survey studies…

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