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L'agriculture est l'un des principaux employeurs en Afrique. Wikimedia Commons

La technologie peut stimuler l'agriculture en Afrique, mais elle peut aussi menacer la biodiversité: comment trouver un équilibre entre les deux?

La main-d'œuvre, les rendements et la biodiversité sont autant d'éléments de l'agriculture qui doivent être équilibrés.
Agriculture is a leading employer in Africa. Wikimedia Commons

Technology can boost farming in Africa, but it can also threaten biodiversity - how to balance the two

Labour, yields, and biodiversity are all elements of agriculture that need to be balanced.
Phone surveys were used to gather data in Ethiopia. Photo by EDUARDO SOTERAS/AFP via Getty Images

What people from war-torn Tigray told us about the state of their lives amid the war

Our work highlights the potential of phone surveys to monitor active and large-scale conflicts.
Hard work and poor prospects for smallholder farming households in Africa. Swathi Sridharan (formerly ICRISAT, Bulawayo)

Can African smallholders farm themselves out of poverty?

Smallholder farming might not be able to generate enough value on its own, but farmers still need support.


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