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Queensland University of Technology

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an Australian university with an emphasis on real-world courses and applied research. Based in Brisbane with strong global connections, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas.


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Summer camps are popular in the States, so why don’t Aussie kids adopt the practice? Flickr/Camp Pinewood

Should Aussie kids go on US-style summer camps?

Summer camps popular in the US are said to stop the summer "learning slide", which is particularly important for low socio-economic children. But camps can also be quite expensive. So should we adopt the practice here?

ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, January 2015

Ordinarily, January is a relatively slow news month in Australia. That’s far from true for January 2015, however: first, the Queensland premier Campbell Newman surprised journalists, the opposition, and…
Surging tides from Cyclone Marcia hit Main Beach in Yeppoon, Queensland, with the storm packing wind gusts close to 300 kilometres an hour. AAP Image/Karin Calvert

The role of social media as cyclones batter Australia

Emergency services are using social media to help spread warnings as two tropical cyclones batter Australia. It can also help them with relief efforts once the worst of the severe weather has passed.
We’ve all met the angry driver – but how should a driver-less car react to such behaviour? shalunts

What happens when a self-driving car meets a road rage driver?

Driverless cars could soon be cruising Australian roads if South Australia gives the go-ahead to reforms to its road legislation. The technology promises to increase safety on our roads, but what happens…
AAP/Nikki Short

Don’t blame the media, Malcolm

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull earlier this week linked the Liberals' leadership crisis to “bullying” by journalists covering Australian politics. He was not suggesting, I don’t think, that the…
Putting them in the naughty corner won’t help: most schools are going about dealing with students with learning difficulties in the wrong way. Shutterstock

The way schools cope with learning difficulties is doing more harm than good

We fail children who experience difficulty in school and with learning almost every day in Australia and in so many ways. These children can fall through a myriad of cracks: cracks that appear in some…
Fairfax sees Huffington Post’s left-leaning, populist approach as a good fit.

HuffPo meets Fairfax and you won’t believe what happens next

This week’s announcement that Fairfax had acquired a 49% partnership stake in Huffington Post Australia means yet another new entrant into the Australian online media landscape. An Australian edition of…
A sleeping seal recorded, Antarctica summer, 2010. Lawrence English

The sounds around us: an introduction to field recording

In 1889, an eight-year old boy made a recording of a Common Sharma using his father’s wax cylinder recorder. This boy, Ludwig Koch, would go on to become one of the great natural history broadcasters of…

#qldvotes: A Final Social Media Round-Up

By any measure, it’s been an extraordinary weekend here in Queensland. The same electoral tsunami that brought the LNP to power in March 2012 has washed the government away again in January 2015. Premier…
Queensland has voted for a change in governing style at this state election – but under the next government, will they get it? Liz Minchin

Queenslanders deserve a government they can trust

Whoever becomes the next Queensland premier has a chance to wind back the winner-takes-all approach that has worked its way back into the state’s political culture over the past decade, particularly under…

#qldvotes: Final-Week Update on Social Media Activities

This year’s Queensland state election campaign may be very brief, but it’s certainly been action-packed. In my previous post I provided an overview of what were roughly the first two weeks of the campaign…
This nation has a history that extends well beyond the past 227 years. AAP/Joe Castro

The day I don’t feel Australian? That would be Australia Day

If there is ever a day that I don’t feel Australian, it would be on Australia Day. My mother is a fifth-generation Australian of English and Irish heritage and my father is Munanjahli and an Australian-born…
Fast-spinning black holes don’t just exist in space – Queensland’s Liberal National and Labor parties are busy attacking each other’s strategies to cut debt, yet both have been guilty of having black holes in their plans. NASA/JPL-Caltech

Uncovering the black holes in plans to fix Queensland’s debt

Author’s update, January 29: In the week since this article was published (on January 23), Labor has moved to address the funding “black hole” in its plans to reduce Queensland’s debt, mainly by adopting…

ATNIX: Australian Twitter News Index, December 2014

The final ATNIX for 2014 arrives with a slight delay due to the summer holidays, but covers an unexpectedly dramatic few weeks in Australian public life, due especially to the deadly siege in the Lindt…
An ad for Alan Jones’s Queensland election special broadcasts. 4BC

Newman ‘lied to me’: Alan Jones weighs into Queensland’s election

Australia’s loudest radio shock jock, Alan Jones, has launched an extraordinary attack on the Queensland premier, claiming Campbell Newman visited him at home at the urging of senior Liberals and promised…
EPA/Maya Vidon-White

We tolerate everything – except intolerance

Trust Rupert to get new media wrong. Respect, boss, but when the entire freedom-loving world is united in condemnation of the Charlie Hebdo killers and the extremist ideology which inspired them, why take…
The South Australian bushfires have destroyed many homes including this one in Greenwith in the outer suburbs of Adelaide. AAP Image/David Mariuz

We can build homes to survive bushfires, so why don’t we?

Dozens of homes and outbuildings have been destroyed in bushfires that have ravaged parts of South Australia reminding us again how poorly adapted we are to bushfire prone landscapes. With 15 years experience…


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