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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an Australian university with an emphasis on real-world courses and applied research. Based in Brisbane with strong global connections, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas.


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Open Road Films/Spotlight

Under the Spotlight – the journalist as hero(ine)

I have been in Tasmania these last few days, by coincidence at the same time as the royal commission has held hearings in Hobart into paedophilia in the Church of England in which senior Christian clerics…
It may be accepted wisdom that Australians are disengaged from politics, but there are plenty of other indicators to suggest otherwise. AAP/Richard Wainwright

Australians couldn’t care less about politics? Really?

We may believe that Australians are disengaged from the political process, but that may be because we're not looking in the right places.
Children with severe social, emotional or behavioural disorders are the least welcome in schools. from www.shutterstock.com

How schools avoid enrolling children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are frequently discriminated against in Australian schools, with parents asked to send their child to another school or fork out extra money.
Will the plethora of conflicting market signals be too much for news consumers to bear? Image sourced from shutterstock.com

Ad blockers are here to stay, micropayments less so

Media consumers are spoilt for choice, making new revenue models difficult for publishers.
Most of the cyberbullying in the study occurred through work related text messaging and instant message services. Image sourced from www.shutterstock.com

Cyberbullying widespread amongst public servants

One in five government employees are experiencing or observing workplace cyberbullying, a study shows.

Making A Murderer and the cult of factuality

As Netflix approaches two million subscribers in Australia, free-to-air TV execs have called on government to “ensure a level playing field for Australian media businesses”. The US-based streaming service…
It takes time for a human to become good at diagnosing ailments, but that learning is lost when they retire. Shutterstock/Poprotskiy Alexey

Digital diagnosis: intelligent machines do a better job than humans

Humans can only do so much when it comes to diagnosing what's wrong with a patient. So why not let machines take over? They learn faster than humans and never retire.

Autistic explosions abound

“Autism explosion”, declared The Australian’s headline on January 15. “Schools failing”. Journalist Rick Morton’s piece led with an alleged: … crisis in schools that education systems are unable or willing…
EPA/Maurizio Gambarini

Space Cadet to Major Tom

David Bowie was not God, although for kids like me in the early 1970s he was the closest we ever came to believing in one. Neither was he perfect. For a long time there, back in the 1980s, just about everything…
There’s already a lot you can say on Twitter in 140 characters. Flickr/Manuel Schmalstieg

What’s up with Twitter, in fewer than 10,000 characters

Much of the way people use Twitter has been determined by the users of the social media giant. So why all the upset at talk of allowing tweets beyond the current 140 character limit?
Disney’s WALL.E needed to see all the rubbish on Earth so it could clean it up. AAP Image/Tracey Nearmy

How do robots ‘see’ the world?

Robots that can learn to 'see' the world around them -- and share their learning with other robots -- will lead the next revolution in robotics.

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