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Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is an Australian university with an emphasis on real-world courses and applied research. Based in Brisbane with strong global connections, it has 40,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas.


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Europe endless, or Europe ending?

I came to live and work in Australia six years ago, having spent most of the previous 50 living within the collective embrace of two unions – the United Kingdom and the European Union. I was then, and…
Those teachers who upgraded to an early childhood teaching degree were most likely to leave the profession. from www.shutterstock.com

One in five early childhood educators plan to leave the profession

20% of surveyed early education educators said they want to leave their job due to low pay, volume of paperwork and feeling undervalued.
Humans are still better than machines at driving in extreme weather conditions, for now. Flickr/Terence Lim

Driverless cars need to hit the road come rain, wind or shine

Driverless cars are the technology of the future, but unless they learn how to drive in rain and snow, they will be a technology that lets us down when we need it the most.
David Gulpilil, Mark Weaver, Dougie McCale et Cameron Wallaby dans « Satellite Boy » de Catriona McKenzie. Matt Nettheim

Le cinéma aborigène prend ses quartiers à Paris

La culture aborigène australienne s’exporte à Paris du 1er au 5 juin au cinéma La Clef. Deux maîtres de conférences interrogent la directrice de la première édition du festival.
Who took the points in the first leaders' debate of the 2016 campaign? AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Turnbull and Shorten face off in leaders' debate: experts respond

The Conversation’s experts respond to the first Turnbull-Shorten debate with an eye across key policy areas and the leaders’ performances.
Mike Segar/AAP

Dude food vs superfood: we’re cultural omnivores

Two very popular – and seemingly contradictory – food trends are gripping Australia at the same time. Ultra healthy and extravagantly indulgent eateries are actually fulfilling the same elite-driven desire for food that's creative, hand-made and rare.
Annabel Crabb dines with senator Jacqui Lambie for Kitchen Cabinet. Supplied

Whose kitchen rules? Annabel’s, of course!

Kitchen Cabinet is a good example of the hybridisation of political media we see in much of Australian TV today.

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