Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Universidad Pablo de Olavide is a public university located in Seville, Spain. Inaugurated in 1997, it is one of a number of new universities created in Spain in the 1990s decade, that are renowned for innovative approaches to teaching and research, new technologies and emphasis on bilingual education.

It currently employs over 1,000 teaching staff for close to 11,000 students, and it houses 95 research groups involved in 477 research projects.


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Los males del deporte base en España con y sin COVID-19

El deporte base se está viendo afectado gravemente por la paralización de la actividad ocasionada por la COVID-19. Se necesitan medidas de apoyo urgentes para el fomento de la práctica deportiva y no poner el foco, como siempre, en el fútbol profesional.
Spanish emigrants wait to leave the country in the 1960s, a pattern that is being repeated today as Spanish youth swap laptops for cardboard cases and leave in droves to find a better life. Supplied

History repeats as Spain’s best and brightest flee

At the airport in Seville, Spain, we meet Alfredo who has come with his granddaughter Alicia. She is about to board a plane to Germany, following in the footsteps of her grandfather, who also sought a…
As Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy considers a bailout from the European Central Bank, commentators argue over whether the root of the country’s economic troubles sprang from its housing bubble, rather than prolifigate public spending. AAP

The cautionary tale of Spain’s real estate bubble

Spaniards Fernando and Sara got married in 2007. With the help of their parents, the couple bought a house in the outer suburbs of Sevilla because they couldn’t afford one closer to the city. An art history…


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