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An American soldier on a training exercise with a soldier from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. U.S. Army Europe

How the war in Iraq unintentionally helped stabilise Bosnia

The revelation that a Bosnian company had broken the arms embargo on Iraq unified three armies which had been fighting each other a decade before.
Go on, use your imagination. Shutterstock

Why boredom can be good for you

Winnie the Pooh understood the importance of allowing your mind to wander – and the science agrees. It's time we all found the time to daydream.
More than 70% of Rwanda’s population are subsistence farmers. Shutterstock/Sarine Arslanian

Rwanda’s agricultural revolution is not the success it claims to be

Findings from several scientific studies show the real impact of Rwanda's agricultural policies and the challenges it faces.
Les mesures anti-terroristes affectent notre relation à relation à la vie politique et notre identité. frankieleon/Flickr

« Les politiques anti-terroristes participent à la construction de notre citoyenneté » : conversation avec Lee Jarvis

Lee Jarvis revient sur les enjeux des politiques anti-terroristes, leur impact sur la vie sociale mais aussi sur la façon dont elles redéfinissent aujourd’hui les sentiments d’appartenance citoyenne.

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