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University of Northampton

The University of Northampton is situated in the heart of England and offers various subjects at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The University is globally renowned in subject specialisms such as Wastes Management, Leather Technology and Fashion.

In 2012 we were recognised as England’s No 1 University for employability* and as part of the University’s new strategy, we aim to be the top university in the UK for social enterprise by 2015. Our social enterprise strategy is based on a desire to be distinctive, forward-thinking and responsible.

Our strategy is unique; we are the only university taking an institutional and holistic approach integrating social enterprise into our student offer, into teaching and learning and research, and working with local authorities, businesses and the wider community, to deliver improvements to Northamptonshire.


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Les avantages de l'étirement statique dans le cadre d'un échauffement complet avant l'exercice semblent l'emporter sur les inconvénients. Shutterstock

S’étirer ou pas avant de faire de l’exercice : voici ce que disent les nouvelles recherches

Les étirements statiques, délaissés depuis que des études suggèrent qu’ils réduisent les performances, pourraient faire un retour en force à la suite de nouvelles recherches.
The benefits of static stretching as part of a full warm-up before exercise seem to outweigh the disadvantages. (Shutterstock)

To stretch or not to stretch before exercise: What you need to know about warm-ups

Static stretching — stretching and holding muscles — was once an essential part of sports warm-ups, until studies suggested it reduced performance. New research shows it should be making a comeback.
An expanding sea of junk in Lagos. Margaret Bates

Europe’s electronic waste has become Africa’s burden

The disposal of computers and other electronic and electrical goods, e-waste, is a growing global problem. In 2011, the world threw away 41.5m tonnes of electrical equipment, and this is expected to rise…
Is Doctor Who in need of a 50-year service? Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Trust me, I’m a Time Lord: Doctor Who needs to diversify

As television series Doctor Who reaches its 50-year anniversary it has attracted criticism for being outdated. Is Doctor Who “thunderously racist”? Should the new Doctor be a woman? Do we have unreasonable…


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