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University of Sydney

Established in 1850, the University of Sydney was Australia’s first tertiary education institution. It is committed to maximising the potential of its students, teachers and researchers for the benefit of Australia and the wider world.


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“Those who contribute to justice will always be controversial”. AAP

Peace medal to Wikileaks founder was controversial, but warranted

In a ceremony at London’s Frontline Club on Tuesday, May 10, before an array of television crews from around the world, WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange received the Sydney Peace Foundation’s gold medal…
Game theory could save this guy’s tusks. AAP

Game theory and the environment: you’re on to a winner

The most serious environmental problems facing our planet require cooperative solutions.  Ensuring the sustainability of the Murray-Darling river system requires the cooperation of several states.  Preserving…
People with depression are less able to cope with stress. OliviaGR

Depression can break your heart, literally

Having a “broken” or a “heavy” heart is a description often used by people who are feeling down or depressed. It turns out they’re not that far off the mark. People with depression are three to four times…
Without quantum mechanics, we would not have the transistor. IvyMike/Flickr

Explainer: Quantum physics

This might surprise you, but there may be literally thousands, or even tens of thousands, of devices and components surrounding you right now that work because of our understanding of quantum physics…
Targeted killing is assassination by another name. AAP

Why assassination seems to be the hardest word

Osama bin Laden is dead - assassinated a fortnight ago by bullets sprayed from the guns of special armed forces of the United States. During the wild celebrations that followed, the word “assassination…
The demand for medical services is putting pressure on the budget. AAP

Doctor’s fee-for-service doesn’t mean price is right

“When people get sick or injured or want advice about their health, they want to see a doctor,” Dr Andrew Pesce, AMA President. The statement by Dr Pesce implies that citizens know what they want and will…
The government’s targeting of welfare marks a significant policy shift. AAP

How this budget put welfare to work

Apart from the reassuring signals to financial markets about the deficit reduction, the longer term significance of this year’s budget is about restructuring the relationship between welfare and work…
Extra funds for mental health and regional hospitals balanced other budget cuts.

Budget maintains a healthy weight

We were chilled by the prospect of a radical weight-loss austerity budget, but it did not occur in health. While liposuction was applied to several programs – hearing services and general practice-based…
The Federal Budget hoopla is largely a symbolic gesture. AAP

Reading Swan’s budget symbolism

Federal Budget night has become widely held as the most crucial event in Australia’s political calendar. After all, any statement of how more than $300 billion is going to be raised and a similar amount…
Your grandparents’ lifespan can offer some valuable clues. joeduty/Flickr

Who wants to live forever?

It’s well known that humans are living longer than ever before, thanks partially to developments such as sanitation and modern medicine. But will it ever be possible for humans to live forever? The late…
Restricting junk food is just one element in reducing obesity.

Pester power: why junk food ads and children shouldn’t mix

Junk food is one of the mainstays of food advertising to children, who form the key market for junk food advertisers. Some of the more concerning marketing tactics are the ones that play on children’s…
The breast cancer research agenda is more balanced due to its public profile. AAP

Funding cancer research should not be a popularity contest

Some of the most serious forms of cancer are less likely to be the subject of a clinical trial than cancers with a less significant health impact. Research shows that even being a disease is a popularity…
We’ve got the time, if you’ve got the theory. h.koppdelaney/Flickr

Explainer: the fifth dimension

By now we’re used to the idea that the world has four dimensions: three spatial and one temporal. But what if there were a fifth dimension – what would that dimension look like, and how would it relate…


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