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Established in 1890, the University of Tasmania is the fourth oldest university in Australia. UTAS is committed to the creation, preservation, communication and application of knowledge, as well as excellence in all teaching, research and scholarly activities.


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Healthy food needs to promote long-term health, so must consider environmental impact. Mark Lawrence

Update Australia’s dietary guidelines to consider sustainability

When eating for health and the environment, not all foods are created equal. The consumption of seafood has led to the over-exploitation of three quarters of the world’s oceans. Meat and dairy foods require…
Collaboration leads to higher quality, lower costs and greater flexibility. loop_oh

Open source – ditching patents and copyright for the greater good

IDEAS AND OWNERSHIP: The concept of protecting ideas and innovation by legal means dates back to antiquity. But many of our existing laws are under strain, their suitability and ultimate purpose called…
Having a patent may increase financial returns by between 40% and 50%. Xurxo Martínez

Do patents promote innovation?

IDEAS AND OWNERSHIP: The concept of protecting ideas and innovation by legal means dates back to antiquity. But in the age of the internet and multinational business models, many of the existing laws are…
School funding is under the microscope for the first time in nearly 40 years. torres21

Gonski review: experts respond

A much-anticipated review of Australian school funding, spearheaded by businessman David Gonski, was handed to the Gillard government today. We asked Australian education experts to respond to the report’s…
Gawler claims to have cured himself of advanced cancer by a series of unorthodox treatments including herbal remedies, meditation, coffee enemas and diets. Nick Olejniczak

Coffee enemas don’t cure cancer: reviewing the remarkable claims of Ian Gawler

It’s not often that a scientific article in a learned medical journal becomes front page news but that was the case recently when a paper I co-authored with Dr Ian Haines of Melbourne’s Cabrini Hospital…
Just because an idea seems ridiculous, doesn’t mean it’s not worth discussing. moirabot/Flickr

Elephants on grass: only lively debate can save Australia’s environment

Last week I published an opinion piece in Nature attempting to crystallise debate on a number of issues in Australian environmental management: bushfires, weeds, feral animals, management of Aboriginal…
In 2009, more than 190 whales and dolphins stranded themselves on King Island. AAP

Explainer: What do we know about why whales strand themselves?

Whales are a highly specialised group of mammals which left their terrestrial ancestors for the ocean about 50 million years ago. They have become so well adapted to the marine environment that they can…
National parks: the traditional way, but is it the best? flickr

Are national parks the best way to conserve nature?

Many plants and animals will become extinct in this century – millions of years of evolutionary experimentation will be abruptly terminated. This raises profound philosophical dilemmas: which species should…
Software patenting was a fringe activity for the first 20 years of the software industry. opensourceway

Do patents create software innovation? Computer says no

What would the software industry look like without patents? It’s a question worth asking in the context of Apple’s recent body blow to Samsung, which will see Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 kept off Australian…
The Tax Forum must ensure we have a sure-footed approach to reform. AAP

Tax Forum: Critical reform is worth the effort – and the wait

Periodic tax reform is necessary as governments respond to new patterns and forms of economic activity and the inevitable political pressures these changes create. Yet the politics of tax reform is politically…

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