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University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong has become a benchmark for Australia’s new generation of universities. It is ranked among the best 20 modern universities in the world* and has built a reputation as an enterprising institution, with a multi-disciplinary approach to research and a personalised approach to teaching. Over 32,000 students are studying UOW degrees across nine campuses throughout Australia and internationally in Dubai and Hong Kong.


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What are Australia’s legal and moral responsibilities under the relevant conventions and the law of the sea to rescue and ‘turn back’ asylum seeker boats? AAP

Explainer: the law of the sea and asylum seekers

Prime minister Tony Abbott said on Monday he expects Jakarta to take responsibility for the asylum seekers that Australian authorities rescue in Indonesia’s search and rescue zone. He claims this is the…
Leaders need help to create the right conditions for innovation. Benzilla/Flickr

Ideas are cheap, it’s a coach that business really needs

“We want to be innovative” is a catch cry of most Australian organisations. Little wonder. Australian companies are among the least proficient innovators in the OECD and seem to fail at creating the conditions…
Infrastructure construction costs are far higher in Australia than in comparable OECD countries, making it difficult for politicians to commit to large projects. AAP/David Crosling

Australia’s infrastructure cost conundrum

Infrastructure is about the long-term growth and prosperity of a nation, but Australia will get very little of this benefit if the cost of building it continues to rapidly escalate. Australia is becoming…
Fighting fire with fire: how can we best target hazard reduction burns? Flickr/Anthony Clark

Bushfire hazard reduction: the sword or the shield?

The Greater Sydney region contains the largest urban centre in Australia, and is also, thanks to its landscape and forests, prone to intense bushfires. Tens of thousands of properties and businesses are…
Sydney’s environment evolved with fire. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Sydney fires caused by people and nature

Even without the official tally it looks like the fires that started yesterday in Blue Mountains will be the most costly in terms of property since 1968. But how have they come about? Why is the area vulnerable…
Bushfire season has begun: is there any real way to stop houses burning down? AAP Image/Scott Carpenter

Reducing bushfire risk: don’t forget the science

The early start to the bushfire season in NSW - 80 fires were burning yesterday across the state - will prompt many rural residents and the fire authorities to worry about whether this summer will see…
Ethics committees are the very bodies that ensure the safety of clinical trials. Image from

Abandoning clinical trial safeguards won’t boost local industry

CLINICAL TRIALS – Human clinical trials are an important last hurdle in the development of new drugs and therapies. Today, The Conversation takes a closer look at this vital scientific endeavour with three…
There are operational naval reasons behind Scott Morrison’s decision to put asylum seeker arrivals and ‘turn backs’ behind a shroud of secrecy. AAP/Scott Fisher

Should operations to turn the boats around be kept secret?

Acting opposition leader Chris Bowen said in a doorstop interview earlier this week that: There is absolutely no operational reason for the new minister of immigration not to be up front with the Australian…

Costings row torpedoes the media

The ABC’s economics correspondent Stephen Long has delivered a scathing assessment of the Coalition’s costings statement this morning but just as significantly he also delivered a harsh judgment on his…
“Sprinkles” - sachets of nutrient powder - were distributed across remote Indigenous communities as part of a broader study addressing childhood nutrition. Fred Hollows Foundation

Anaemia and poor nutrition running high among young Indigenous children

Young children living in remote Indigenous communities have long been known to suffer from iron deficiency and anaemia at…
The mining boom is over but our political leaders have refused to acknowledge that bad times may be coming. Image from

Election 2013 Issues: How we make our money

Welcome to the The Conversation’s Election 2013 State of the Nation essays. These articles by leading experts in their field provide an in-depth look at the key policy challenges affecting Australia as…

Cultural politics: who cares about the arts?

The fact that the arts haven’t starred in this election and its media coverage is perhaps no big surprise. But it sends a disturbing signal about the place of the arts in our public discourse. When Arts…
Compared to ads by the same companies aimed at adults, ads for kids focus on branding and film tie-ins. Moritz Petersen

Forget children, self-regulating ads only helps the food industry

The food industry’s commitment to actually reducing inappropriate food marketing to children is called into question by a paper published today in the open-access journal PLOS ONE. Couple this with research…


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