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A recent decision by Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau around comments left on Smirnoff’s Facebook page comes as companies re-evaluate its value. Flickr/Owen W.Brown

Smirnoff and Facebook - Not the perfect mix?

Imagine a world in which advertising companies were held directly accountable for the vision of the world their ads portrayed. Accountability could range from simple things like why deodorants don’t immediately…
Attorney General Nicola Roxon appears to be in two minds over proposals to widen intelligence gathering powers. AAP/Lukas Koch

If Nicola Roxon doesn’t believe in her own policy, why should we?

Earlier this month the Hon Nicola Roxon asked the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) to conduct an inquiry into the Government’s proposals for a major revamp of Australia’s…
Thanks to digital medium such as email and Facebook, privacy is being eroded in the workplace - yet Australians appear to show a worrying lack of concern about this. Flickr/Nathan O'Nions

The end of privacy in the digital workplace

The development of digital monitoring and surveillance has increased dramatically over the past decade and pervades all aspects of everyday life, to the extent that most people don’t even notice it. In…
Mark Zuckerberg rings the Nasdaq’s opening bell from the Facebook Headquarters in California. EPA/Zef Nikolla

Mindshare is still Facebook’s biggest asset

With almost a billion accounts and growing, Facebook still has as strong a lock on the concept of sharing as Google does on the concept of search. As such, while no company is immune to failure, the current…
Facebook’s float on the Nasdaq has been controversial, but assessing the real value of shares is complicated.

Working out the face value of Facebook

What do you get when you buy 900 million user experiences, mostly from smart devices? Facebook’s float has been dogged with controversy: on Monday, its shares plummeted 11% and dropped another 8.9% to…
Could hacking Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant lead to a fruitful career? Hegemony77 doll clothes

Facebook welcomes hackers, if they wear a white hat

As reported late last week, Facebook is encouraging hackers to try hacking its security systems to find weaknesses. Those who succeed will receive a reward of US$500 or more and have their name added to…
World Health Organisation data suggests less than 10% of the world’s transplantation need is currently met. AAP

Facebook organ donation tool could save thousands of lives

Facebook has introduced a new tool allowing users in Australia to display their organ donation status to their friends, following the introduction of the initiative in the United States and the United…
Tweet success and sweet success increasingly go hand in hand. Scolirk

Field of screens: it’s sport and social media for the win

In the brave new world of contemporary sport-watching, the goalposts have moved. Watching the big game (once a simple matter of grabbing a beer and some chips and settling down in front of the television…
Going public is not without its risks, even for internet giants. Peter DaSilva/EPA

Facebook IPO – what it means for Zuckerberg and you

Facebook announced overnight that it’s going to sell US$5 billion of shares in its long-awaited initial public offering (IPO). Company executives filed the official paperwork to get the IPO process underway…
Smartphones are changing the way we take (and share) photos. Apple

Killing the Kodak moment … is the iPhone really to blame?

According to the Wall Street Journal, camera manufacturer Kodak is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, following a long struggle to maintain any sort of viable business. The announcement has prompted…
Electronic tools can help advance research into rare diseases through creating virtual registries. Gautheron

Move over Dr Google, the future of health is social

Pretty soon, not being involved in social media will be just as implausible as not having a telephone. If my 80-year-old dad is on Facebook and women over 55 are the fastest growing demographic on the…
We need to make sure quality is more important than quantity in our online engagement. Flickr/

Democracy drowned out by social media noise: bigger isn’t better online

Social media provokes some of the most voluminous and heated responses in two key areas of contemporary society – democracy and privacy. Promoting the first and threatening the second, social media is…

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