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Flat out. Emergency by Shutterstock

A&E crisis: hospital managers aren’t to blame for failures

The A&E crisis in the NHS this year seems significantly different to the “normal” winter crisis that happens each year from changes in seasonal demand. Given that the problem – waiting times, ambulance…
Planning ahead for emergencies. Ambulance by Shutterstock

NHS: the business of coping with seasonal changes and demand

Every year demand for health services – specifically A&E departments – goes up in winter, something that the NHS seems to be unable to plan for. In England, almost 30,000 more people visited A&E…
Bit of first aid wouldn’t go amiss. Lester Public Library

Silly ambulance call-outs are just the tip of the iceberg

We expect just as much from our ambulance services as we do from accident and emergency departments. But under-resourced and overstretched health systems mean ambulance staff are increasingly under pressure…
On the road again. Rui Vieira/PA

NHS 111 led to an increase in ambulance call outs

NHS 111, the non-emergency helpline set up to ease pressure on the emergency services, actually increased the use of ambulances and emergency care services during its first year of operation, a study has…
Waiting time. ThisparticularGreg

Keogh report tackles A&E supply but not deeper demand

The “crisis in A&E” has dominated headlines for months, with attention focused mainly on inexorably rising demand, ageing populations, and increased waiting times. In his much anticipated report into…
You never know what’s coming through the door. Folkstone42

Confessions of a US emergency doctor

Walking into each room to greet my next patient often reminds me of Forrest Gump: “You never know what you’re going to get.” It’s challenging to have only one chance to get it right but I love being an…
Long distances make for long response times in rural settings. robert wade

High-tech monitoring helps hard-to-reach patients

The first minutes of a medical emergency can be crucial for a patient’s chances of recovery, but what if that emergency happens in a rural setting, far away from help? Scottish ambulance crews respond…
Bum deal: people in poorer inner city areas tend to get worse services, such as less access to GPs. PA/Gareth Fuller

A&E visits research needs more careful scrutiny

A new study shows an association between less access to GPs and high rates of attendance in nearby accident and emergency (A&E) units. It’s an interesting piece of work but risks inflaming an already…
Emergencies only but are people turning to A&E because they find it difficult to see a GP? Flickr/lydia_shiningbrightly

High number of A&E visits in areas where access to GPs is worse

New research linking less access to GPs and higher demand in Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments could ignite the row over the A&E crisis. The number of people visiting A&E in England…

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