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Isabella Rossellini took the live version of her short film series Green Porno to the Adelaide Festival. Jody Shapiro/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival review: Green Porno

The Italian actress Isabella Rossellini openly discussed her exploration of sex, violence and depravity in Adelaide this month. No, it wasn’t the launch of a tell-all Hollywood book – but the Australian…
Zorn consciously aligns his work with the historic avant-garde.

Adelaide Festival review: John Zorn in Oz

John Zorn’s appearance at the Adelaide Festival last week spread across four evenings – totalling over 12 hours. The cost of bringing Zorn and more than 20 musicians from New York to play at the Adelaide…
Shona Reppe plays a professional scrapologist digging into the mystery of Josephine Bean in this warm show for kids. Douglas McBride/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival review: The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean

Meet Dr Patricia Baker; not a medical doctor but a doctor of scrapology, founder of SCRAPS, the Society (for the) Care, Repair (and) Analytical Probing (of) Scrapbooks. She has an alluring range of CSI-like…
An Iliad, currently playing at the Adelaide Festival is an intelligent adaptation of Homer’s classic – and a work of consumate compression. Joan Marcus/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival review: An Iliad

At the heart of the Homer’s Coat production of An Iliad, currently playing at the Adelaide Festival, is that most of Homeric of things, a list. In a narrative compression as consummate as any in the epic…
From Roman Forum to airport lounge, Roman Tragedies connects three Shakespearean tragedies in the one performance. Tony Lewis/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival 2014 review: Roman Tragedies

Over six hours, three Shakespearean tragedies – Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra – are connected in an immensely ambitious production, Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s Roman Tragedies. Under Ivo…
This is the contemporary art exhibition we’ve been waiting for. Works by Ben Quilty and Alex Seton at the 2014 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. Art Gallery of South Australia

The 2014 Adelaide Biennial: ‘contemporary art as it was meant to be’

This is the exhibition we have been waiting for. This is contemporary art as it was meant to be – warning that we are experiencing the dark night of the national soul. The country that once thought of…
Greg Johns, 2009, Horizon Figure, Corten steel, ironstone, 210 x 427 x 6cm (h x w x d). Daniel Cazzolato

2014 Heysen Sculpture Biennial: the art of open air

The Heysen Sculpture Biennial, located on The Cedars, the Adelaide Hills property near Hahndorf on which German-born artist Sir Hans Heysen (1877-1968) lived and worked, was first held in 2000. On that…

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