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Interactive children’s theatre engages childrens’ innate creative impulses and encourages them to be curious and playful. Image by Kristian Laemmie-Ruff. Arena Theatra

Not so Fringe: interactive children’s theatre takes centre stage

An expanded program of interactive performances for children at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival harnesses their audience’s innate creative abilities and invites them to both watch and join in.
The 2014 Arts in Daily Life report found that 66% of Australians think the arts are important for child development. AAP/Waltraud Grubitzsch

The fun and funding fears for children’s theatre in Australia

The success of the Opera Australia and Barking Gecko Theatre’s Rabbits offers a chance to celebrate the pioneering nature of children’s theatre in Australia.
Shona Reppe plays a professional scrapologist digging into the mystery of Josephine Bean in this warm show for kids. Douglas McBride/Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Festival review: The Curious Scrapbook of Josephine Bean

Meet Dr Patricia Baker; not a medical doctor but a doctor of scrapology, founder of SCRAPS, the Society (for the) Care, Repair (and) Analytical Probing (of) Scrapbooks. She has an alluring range of CSI-like…

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