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A still from the NT at Home recorded production of Amadeus. Marc Brenner/National Theatre

Paid for digital streaming has a place in theatre’s return

Streaming has made theatre more accessible to a wider audience. However, it needs to be monetised and shouldn’t take the place of live theatre, which is in dire need of funding.
Josh Price, Catherine Davies and Jenny Wu in Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre Company’s Production of Going Down. © Brett Boardman

Going Down finds hilarious satire in migrant identity

Michele Lee’s play is a vibrant and layered comic exploration of stereotypes, from piccolo-quaffing urban Melburnites to migrant memoirists.
Actors are often required to tap profound emotions in their performance, which is one of the reasons for poor mental health in the industry.

Out of character: how acting puts a mental strain on performers

While we appreciate an actor’s craft on the stage, the deep emotions they draw on in performance take their toll on mental health. Actors need to “take off” their characters to return to normal life.

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