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Articles on Alcoholism

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Alcohol is a big part of our culture, but how do you know if you’re drinking too much? Neil Moralee/Flickr

Health Check: how do I know if I drink too much?

It’s important to know the recommendations on drinking to ensure we’re not drinking too much for our own health and for the safety of others.
Genomic research in Africa will help explain the genetic risk factors of diseases that affect the world’s poorest people. Shutterstock

Why African genomic studies can solve the continent’s health issues

Genomic research must take place in Africa because African populations have evolved significantly and their genetic composition is more diverse than that of populations elsewhere.
Attitudes towards alcohol in Scotland are changing. Marc Roberts

Hard Evidence: has Scotland had enough to drink?

Scotland is often portrayed as a place where heavy drinking comes as part of the furniture, yet it seems the Scottish public are less and less inclined to agree. New results from the Scottish Social Attitudes…
Vodka, not to be confused with water. Flying Pterodactyl

Love of vodka leaves Russians on the rocks

Russians’ love of vodka is no secret and neither is the impact the beloved drink has had on the country’s drinkers. It has been implicated in high death tolls and spates of vodka poisonings as poorer Russians…
I wouldn’t say Dr No to another drink. Pineapples101

The name’s Bond, James Bond … and I’m an alcoholic

James Bond might have been been more shaken than stirred if his intake of alcoholic drinks is anything to go by. Along with his love of women, Bond also had a keen taste for martinis. And researchers have…
Enough is enough: protesters after a gang rape in Delhi shocked the world. Flickr/ramesh_lalwani

One in three women worldwide is a victim of partner violence

A third of women worldwide have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner, according to the first comprehensive research of its kind. The report, published today by the London School…

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