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Scientists believe that by mimicking the production of a molecule, they may be able to delay or repair the onset of dementia in elderly patients. AAP/Melbourne Neuroscience Project, Katrina Lawrence

Molecule may be key to halting early dementia

The discovery of a molecule that appears to regulate memory and learning in the brain could pave the way for treatments of early dementia, scientists at the University of Queensland’s Brain Institute (QBI…
The flavanoids in strawberries and blueberries could help delay dementia. EPA/Bilawal Arbab

Blueberries and strawberries slow cognitive decline

People who eat greater amounts of blueberries and strawberries could delay their cognitive ageing by years, according to data from a large-scale study conducted over more than three decades. In a paper…
A positive result from predictive genetic testing can give rise to mental health issues, such as depression and suicide. pedro veneroso/Flickr

A little bit of knowledge: the perils of genetic tests for Alzheimer’s disease

Genetic mutations are the cause of many incurable diseases and we now have tests to predict the likelihood of people developing inherited diseases. But predictive genetic tests for neurodegenerative diseases…
Researchers say everyone should be screened when they reach a certain age. Flickr/Guig25

Routine testing for dementia could find three times as many cases

A routine test could triple the rate of detection of cognitive impairment and dementia, according to researchers who argue that screening should be mandatory for older people. The controversial proposal…
Chemicals are present in the brain a decade or so before symptoms occur. Rosie O Beirne

Alzheimer’s could be diagnosed and treated before symptoms occur

Dementia is among the largest cause of disability in Australians aged over 65 and affects memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and everyday activities. Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for…

Sour grapes may prevent Alzheimer’s

An antioxidant found in grapes may help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease, according to researchers at a US…

Poor health can lead to dementia

Maintaining very good health including good sight, hearing and break-free bones may lower a person’s risk of developing dementia…

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