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The Big Society policy of Britain’s Conservative Party was to harness entrepreneurialism to social justice. The results have been mixed. Paul Clarke

Will more business-like social enterprises improve care?

As we hear more about looming federal public sector spending cuts and budget deficits, Australian governments seek new ways to meet diverse and growing human service needs. The challenges of an ageing…
It’s naive to assume neighbourhoods mean communities. RobertHuffstutter

Neighbourhood ‘care’ headed to graveyard of good intention

Neighbourhood watch groups should apply for care status and provide help for older people to counter Britain’s “uncivilised” attitude to pensioners. As well as looking out for potential burglars and keeping…
David Cameron has championed the ‘Big Society’ - but is it the right fit for Australia? Andy Rain / AAP

Will a smaller state create a bigger society in Australia?

Public service reform is never far from the minds of newly elected governments, particularly in times of fiscal constraint. The pressure to cut budgets combined with a determination to “do something” about…

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