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Q+A: the Cyprus reunification talks

The island's leaders are meeting in Geneva to discuss the prospect of reunification. Here's what is on the negotiating table.
For 20 years archaeologists from the university have been working in Cyprus. University of Sydney Paphos excavation project.

Digging deeper holes: 20 years as an archaeologist in Cyprus

One of the by-products of field projects working in the same area over a prolonged period of time is the realisation that the team makes an enduring contribution to the local community.
Nargono-Karabakh. They’ve got landmarks but no domain name. Blackwych

The politics of getting online in countries that don’t exist

What is the quickest route to international recognition? Aspiring states may try to ally themselves with a great power, lobby national governments, or even try to enlist the support of celebrities, which…
A deal to help Cyprus raise €7 billion to qualify for another €10 billion bailout from the EU and IMF has been agreed to, but investors will feel the pain. EPA/Olivier Hoslet

Cyprus bank bailout plan: the experts respond

Uninsured savings over €100,000 deposited in a troubled Cypriot bank may be subject to a new levy, under a deal reached to save the Cyprus banking system. The European Union (EU) finance ministers, the…

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