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Facebook’s message: what’s up? janpersiel

WhatsApp bought for $19 billion, what do its employees get?

Facebook has just acquired the mobile messenger service WhatsApp for US$19 billion. Launched in 2009 by two former Yahoo employees, in just over four years WhatsApp has grown to 420m monthly users. Why…
Typical day for women workers in Mumbai. Anthony Devlin/PA

India’s urban work boom is leaving women behind

Nearly 400m people live in cities in India and during the next 40 years that number will more than double. Not only is the proportion of India’s total female population that is economically active among…
How much is this gonna cost? Anthony Devlin/PA

London Tube strike’s £200m cost ‘plucked out of thin air’

The estimated £50m daily cost of London’s Tube strikes is based on a 2007 survey of just 315 businesses. Since Tuesday night, London’s Tube workers have been on strike and the media has repeated big claims…
Quality education is still not for all. Chris Radburn/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Education equality gap failing immigrants and poor students

Immigrant students and those from poor backgrounds living in developed countries are being failed by the school system and face a high risk of marginalisation, according to a UNESCO report. Data from the…
Megaevents create megaholes in treasuries. evilmutent

Olympic costs always overrun, but nobody really cares

As we inch towards the start of the winter Olympics in Sochi, Putin’s government would be happy that soon they won’t have to keep draining their banks. All costs included, it is estimated that Russians…
You read it write. truthout

Unemployment caused by the economic crisis set to worsen

While the rich countries were most affected by the global economic crisis, there are signs of recovery. Although India and China won’t go back to the days of double-digit growth, other emerging countries…
What happens when cyclists take to pavements? chdot

Lack of dedicated routes leaves pedestrians at risk from cyclists

Governments around the world are pushing to get their citizens to cycle more. Without necessary infrastructure, however, that is not good news for pedestrians or cyclists. While on an evening stroll, no…
Pills, spills and development aches. ep_jhu

Why there may be fewer truly new drugs hitting the market

Developing new drugs is hard and expensive. The lengthy process from initial discovery to the market is some times compared to the difficulty of putting a person on the moon. Despite accusations that the…
Heard and McDonald Islands: no one lives there but they still have a domain name. NASA

Ten tiny places that have their own domain names

Claiming to be a country is an easy task. But to make others accept your claim is a lot harder. Aspiring states need favours from great powers, or sometimes even celebrities, to establish their legitimacy…

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