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Police outside one of the Sydney homes raided earlier today, which has prompted warnings against an anti-Muslim backlash. AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Islamic State wants Australians to attack Muslims: terror expert

It’s in the interests of Islamic State for Muslims in Australia to be attacked or for their mosques to be attacked, because doing so would help divide the Australian community. But we should be very clear…
Retiring, but not shy: outgoing ASIO Director-General David Irvine has warned Australia may need to lift its terrorism alert level. AAP Image/Lukas Coch

What raising Australia’s terrorism alert to high would mean for you

Why does Australia have a terrorism alert system? And what does it mean if the alert level is increased? The National Terrorism Public Alert System is a way of communicating to the public what the current…
Is possessing jihadi literature enough to be prosecuted on terrorism charges? Terrorism image from

Inspire magazine: inciting terrorism in Australia?

Jihadist activity has been a primary source of concern for security agencies in the Western world for longer than a decade. When contrasted against other broadly comparable countries, the threat to Australia…
British-born Muslim convert Jack Roche leaves jail after having served over four years in prison for threatening to blow up the Israeli embassy in Canberra in 2004. AAP/Bohdan Warchomij

The potential for far-right terrorism in Australia

As we approach the tenth anniversary of the Bali bombings, public discussions of terrorism are likely to focus on the jihadist threat. Australian governments have been correct to consider jihadism the…
Al-Furqan Islamic Bookshop in Melbourne’s East was raided by police early Wednesday morning. AAP/Julian Smith

Domestic terror raids: a timely reminder of a persistent threat

A man arrested yesterday in anti-terror raids in Melbourne has been charged by Federal Police with four counts of making a document likely to facilitate terrorist acts. But this does not mean there is…

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