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Growth mindset interventions are becoming increasingly popular in schools. Lightspring/

Growth mindset interventions yield impressive results

Growth mindset interventions work as well as many educational programs, at a fraction of the cost. And they are just in their infancy, says the Stanford researcher who developed mindset theory.
Mapping health outcomes and life expectancy against train stations reveals stark inequalities across cities. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Your local train station can predict health and death

Where you live affects your health and life expectancy. This makes it possible to map health outcomes against train stations, so that you can readily see the inequalities across cities like Melbourne.
Universities need to take major steps to redress inequality through access to education and work. AAP/Julian Smith

How universities can redress inequality

Rather than redressing inequality, universities are exacerbating it. They need to take radical steps to turn this around and offer better education across the socio-economic spectrum.

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