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Oh yes, everything’s completely under control. alancleaver

Would we be better off if we sent email into retirement?

This year saw the 43rd anniversary of email. Compared to a human working life, email has after more than four decades on the job now reached retirement age. Is it time for email to step aside to allow…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull outlines his metadata plans. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Turnbull outlines the plans for new laws on metadata retention

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has finally presented proposed legislation to the Australian Parliament regarding the Abbott Government’s plans for the retention of metadata. The proposed legislation…
Something fishy going on in the next cubicle? Check your inbox for clues. Mark Drago

Employers can predict rogue behaviour using your emails

Most office workers send dozens of electronic communications to colleagues in any given working day, through email, instant messaging and intranet systems. So many in fact that you might not notice subtle…
While the NSA leaks keep coming, major email providers have tightened up security. But is encryption completely beneficial? mrbill78636

Encryption ethics: are email providers responsible for privacy?

Ex-National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden’s various leaks – the most recent being a slide showing that the NSA infected 50,000 of computer networks with remote-controlled spyware – confirm…
Legally, you’ve agreed to have your emails scanned – but what about morally? enggul

Your emails are all scanned – and that’s what you agreed to

According to Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez, “all human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret”. It is in our nature to want privacy, yet in the internet age, it has never been easier…
Intelligence-gathering programs run by the US National Security Agency have reignited debate about email security. Stéfan

After Lavabit: a brief history of securing email, and failing at it

Last week, two secure email providers - Lavabit and Silent Circle - announced the closure of their services, citing pressures on them to reveal user information as the key reason for the decision. The…
What does your email metadata reveal about you? Image from

Your social networks and the secret story of metadata

Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab have created an application called Immersion, which uses your email to display all of the people you communicate with in a highly visual way. Although it was designed primarily…
Meeting requests, endless CC lists … is it time to try something new? Travelin Librarian

Should we send work email to the trash?

Email has moved from being the internet’s first killer app to being a productivity killer. You can make news by claiming to hate it, ban it or kill it. But the problem with email is not the technology…

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