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At the moment there is official classification for gig work, like the type uber drivers do. Reynaldo Vasconcelos/Newzulu

Workers are taking on more risk in the gig economy

Workers in the gig economy have to deal with labour insecurity but they also take on more risk by using their own money to buy the tools they need to work.
Many young workers exhaust themselves doing on-demand jobs for very little money. Danny/Flickr

Protecting the rights of the digital workforce in the ‘gig’ economy

Digital technology makes it easy for people to join the so-called "gig" economy and compete for work. But what employment rights does this online workforce really have, if any?
Andrew Marr experienced the need for a family carer after a stroke. David Cheskin/PA

Flexible working is great but carers should have rights too

If you are a carer, the need for flexibility can creep up slowly or arrive overnight. Guardian journalist Jackie Ashley and her broadcaster husband Andrew Marr experienced this after he suffered a stroke…

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