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Articles on Work-life balance

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Malgré l'essor des possibilités de télétravail, deux-tiers des employés à temps plein dans le monde ont travaillé cinq jours par semaine sur place en 2023. Shutterstock

How hybrid work is reinventing management

The appetite for remote working is not going anywhere. Faced with this phenomenon, managers can either double down on the old 9-to-5 model or offer ever tailored work choices to their employees.
For many GPs, having fewer opportunities to engage directly with patients has led to a loss of professional satisfaction. A.B. Putra/Shutterstock

GP crisis: how did things go so wrong, and what needs to change?

The new NHS workforce plan for England promises a 50% increase in GP training places by 2031. But the challenges GPs are wrestling with go much deeper.

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