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Articles on Endangered animals

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Mannus Creek in NSW during the 2020 bushfire period. Luke Pearce

Before and after: see how bushfire and rain turned the Macquarie perch’s home to sludge

When the post-bushfire rains finally arrived, the situation for many fish species went from dangerous to catastrophic. A slurry of ash and mud washed into waterways, sending oxygen levels plummeting.
Alex Braczkowski

Back from extinction: a world first effort to return threatened pangolins to the wild

Pangolins are illegally traded, linked to the coronavirus pandemic and driven to extinction in some areas. That’s why it’s vital to reintroduce this threatened species back into the wild.
Three North American little brown bats with signs of white-nose syndrome, which is virtually certain to hit Australian bats without further action. KDFWR/Terry Derting

Australia’s threatened bats need protection from a silent killer: white-nose syndrome

It’s been a deadly summer for Australia’s wildlife. But beyond the fires, we need to act now to protect bats – which make up a quarter of Australian mammal species – from a silent overseas killer.
Birds are disoriented by smoke and often cannot escape a fire. James Ross/AAP

A season in hell: bushfires push at least 20 threatened species closer to extinction

In a matter of weeks, the fires have subverted decades of dedicated conservation efforts for many threatened species.

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