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With the quirkiness of Comic Sans gone, what are we left with?

Is Comic Neue the new Comic Sans – sans the comedy?

A new font called Comic Neue, by Sydney-born designer Craig Rozynski, has been trending online in the past few weeks. The font was developed, in the designer’s words, “to save Comic Sans”, one of the most…
A trained typographer can see font problems a computer cannot. Jenni Konrad

Kerning, spacing, leading: the invisible art of typography

If the type that surrounds us clamours for our attention, then the space that surrounds it is the silent component: ever-present, but only considered when it imposes upon, hinders or muddies type’s meaning…
Typefaces impose mood, emotion, attitude, formality and informality. arnoKath

Beyond words: how fonts make us feel

Typography is all around us. Fonts are on every document and website we read but also within the ephemera of our lives: on the toothpaste we use, newspapers we read, bus tickets we swipe and the streets…

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