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Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign logo inspired scholars to study the role of typeface in political communication. Getty/Sebastian Willnow/DDP/AFP

Typefaces have personality – and can be political

Everything is political. And that includes typefaces, write two scholars who found that people see one group of typeface styles as liberal, another group of styles as conservative.
With the quirkiness of Comic Sans gone, what are we left with?

Is Comic Neue the new Comic Sans – sans the comedy?

A new font called Comic Neue, by Sydney-born designer Craig Rozynski, has been trending online in the past few weeks. The font was developed, in the designer’s words, “to save Comic Sans”, one of the most…
A trained typographer can see font problems a computer cannot. Jenni Konrad

Kerning, spacing, leading: the invisible art of typography

If the type that surrounds us clamours for our attention, then the space that surrounds it is the silent component: ever-present, but only considered when it imposes upon, hinders or muddies type’s meaning…
Typefaces impose mood, emotion, attitude, formality and informality. arnoKath

Beyond words: how fonts make us feel

Typography is all around us. Fonts are on every document and website we read but also within the ephemera of our lives: on the toothpaste we use, newspapers we read, bus tickets we swipe and the streets…

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