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One of the perks of becoming an elite flyer is it’s easier to upgrade to better cabins, such as Virgin Atlantic’s upper class cabin. Phillip Capper, CC BY-SA

Frequent flying is getting a lot more rewarding – for those at the very top

Frequent flyer programs are one of the primary ways airlines build customer loyalty. In a nutshell, the more you travel with the same airline (or its partners), the higher the odds you will be able to…
Feeling guilty about your frequent flying? It may not be all about you… Image sourced from

Three ways to feel less guilty about frequent flying

If you are worried about the impact of your flying on climate change but keep flying anyway, you might be addicted. At least, this is the finding of recent research from the universities of Bournemouth…
While airlines struggle to mitigate costs of operation, frequent flyer programs have become lucrative businesses in their own right. AAP/Dan Peled

Airlines spread their wings with omnipresent loyalty programs

Frequent flyer programs have long since expanded out of their airlines, with points now being exchanged across supermarkets, banks and insurance companies. Australia has two domestically owned frequent…

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