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Google changes its policy on usernames. Flickr/Robert Occhialini

Any name will do from now on says Google – why the change?

Google has announced a surprising end to its controversial “Real Name” policy with a contrite post on Google+, telling users that there are “no more restrictions” on the names people can use. This is a…
errmmmm, no I don’t really know how to add friends either. Vic Gundotra has had enough. niallkennedy

Google+ isn’t dead, it just hasn’t got any friends

The news that Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice-president for social media, is to leave the company has fuelled speculation that Google+, the company’s much maligned social network that Gundotra oversaw, is…
Going public is not without its risks, even for internet giants. Peter DaSilva/EPA

Facebook IPO – what it means for Zuckerberg and you

Facebook announced overnight that it’s going to sell US$5 billion of shares in its long-awaited initial public offering (IPO). Company executives filed the official paperwork to get the IPO process underway…
Who really knows what you want – the search engine or you? Ste fan

Google search just got way more personal … and that’s a problem

In what has been labelled a “bad day for the internet”, Google last week changed its search engine to include personalised results from Google+. The introduction of Google Search plus Your World has led…
What’s coming up? Where will we find it? What does it mean? h.koppdelaney

Top ten tech predictions for 2012 … and how to interpret them

Around this time of year you see plenty of articles (such as this one) reflecting on notable technologies and events of the year now gone. Such pieces will also attempt to predict the events of the year…

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