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Giving up alcohol for a month might help you feel better in the short term, but no-one knows if taking part in these campaigns promotes long-term healthy drinking habits. from

Yes, alcohol awareness campaigns like Dry July can work, but not for everyone

Many of us might be tempted to give up alcohol for a month as part of a highly publicised campaign, like Dry July. But how successful are these campaigns and how do you measure any long-term benefits?
From one hand-held habit to another. Shutterstock

Can social media help you quit smoking?

Services like Facebook and YouTube may have the upper hand when it comes to getting people to give up cigarettes.
Participants and guests at a Walk for Breast Cancer decked out in pink. Breast cancer walk image via

Awash in pink, but breast cancer awareness isn’t a cure

Awareness efforts can focus public attention and help scientists raise funds for research. But the impact on eradicating the disease itself and helping patients today is much less clear.
Mind the gap: health services in trouble if we continue to expect too much. PA/Carl Court

Developed world can’t have it all or health will hit the buffers

Health services are under constant scrutiny and rarely out of the news. But discussions about how and even whether they can continue are likely to exercise the whole developed world in the near future…
Focusing on weight as the problem and weight loss as the solution makes social and economic inequalities invisible. Isaac Brown Stocky Bodies

How anti-obesity campaigns reinforce stigma

Anti-obesity messages are everywhere – in news, in entertainment, and in public health campaigns. We are constantly being told that fat is bad for us, and that in order to be healthy we need to lose weight…

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