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Articles on Breast cancer

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After her doctor calculated her breast cancer risk, Munn went on to have further tests which ultimately revealed her cancer. Tinseltown/ Shutterstock

What breast cancer risk assessments can tell you

Olivia Munn recently shared on Instagram that she’d had a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with luminal B breast cancer.
Breastfeeding lowers the risk of diabetes as well as breast and ovarian cancers for mothers. Goodboy Picture Company/E+ via Getty Images

Breastfeeding benefits mothers as much as babies, but public health messaging often only tells half of the story

Some states, especially in the Southeastern US, have large disparities in breastfeeding among racial groups, making clear the need to lower barriers for breastfeeding in the workplace and elsewhere.
Breast density is one of the factors that can influence whether people should pursue supplemental screening. andresr/E+ via Getty Images

The FDA’s rule change requiring providers to inform women about breast density could lead to a flurry of questions

Dense breast tissue is common and normal, but it can make cancer more difficult to detect. FDA requirements going into effect in September 2024 will dictate that patients be better informed about it.

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