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Aboriginal elders will help lay the path for health-care innovation in Indigenous communities. aia web team

Indigenous ageing: walking backwards into the future

The notion of walking backwards into the future describes the value we can derive from remembering and understanding our past, in order to best prepare for a better tomorrow. We can’t do this without properly…
Those who continue to be physically and mentally active throughout their life seem to age more slowly. Garry Knight

Why we can’t live forever: understanding the mechanisms of ageing

Ageing is the sum of many processes acting in concert to produce the signs and symptoms we know as “getting old”. Of course, there’s no way to stop the ageing process, but a better understanding of the…
For baby boomers, 70 is the new 50. Dr Hemmert

Defining old age: Baby Boomers to rewrite the books

At the turn of the 20th century, life expectancy in Australia was just 55 years for men and 59 for women. Thanks to medical breakthroughs and technological advances, the average Australian woman can now…
Studies have shown older people can enthusiastically adopt new opportunities to stay in contact with younger generations. lyzadanger/Flickr

Inclusion vital for a healthy ageing population

Over the past century life expectancy has increased dramatically and older citizens around the globe will soon outnumber children. By 2050, nearly one out of every four people will be older than 60 years…
China has the largest absolute number of older people globally, with 13% of the population aged 60 and over. EPA/Wu Hong

Healthy ageing, happy life: lessons from China

The demographic profile of the world is changing. Ageing is a global phenomenon, an unprecedented, pervasive, profound and an enduring process for humanity. The current and future burden and opportunities…

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