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An Italian military policeman holds up a Captagon tablet from a large seizure of the drug. Independent Photo Agency Srl/Alamy Stock Photo

A brief history of drug-fuelled combatants

From mead to magic mushrooms to methamphetamine – drugs have always fuelled battles.
Drug checking is a harm reduction practice that provides chemical analysis of substances. Fentanyl test strips help drug users ensure that substances are free of dangerous fentanyl. (AP Photo/Carlos Giusti)

Scaling up community drug-checking services in B.C. could help respond to the overdose crisis

Most consumables in Canada have quality controls that inform purchasing and consumption decisions. People who use illicit drugs deserve the same. Drug checking provides that harm-reduction service.
Peter Krykant’s unsanctioned overdose prevention centre allowed users in Glasgow to take drugs in his medically equipped van. Iain Masterton/Alamy

Drug deaths are rising and overdose prevention centres save lives, so why is the UK unwilling to introduce them?

There are around 200 supervised injection facilities around the world but the UK government remains opposed to their introduction

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