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Successfully innovating requires business executives to create an innovation-focused company culture, to engage strategically beneficial innovation practices and to avoid those that only work for certain industries. (Shutterstock)

3 ways for businesses to fuel innovation and drive performance

Innovative companies engage in many highly touted best practices. While they can enhance competitiveness, some are more important than others and need a strategy for effective implementation.
Apple’s Tim Cook believes access to high-skill immigrants is a key source of American innovation. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Hiring highly educated immigrants leads to more innovation and better products

New research shows recruiting high-skilled immigrants leads to a ‘meaningful’ increase in innovation – and even more than spending money on research and development.
New research shows double majors have a big competitive advantage in one critical area. fizkes/Shutterstock

Why double-majors might beat you out of a job

New research shows double majors beat their peers in one critical way that makes them more attractive to employers. Colleges may have to adapt to that reality to help their graduates compete.

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