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Suicide is a public health issue, but it’s often discussed in whispers. (Shutterstock)

Language matters in preventing suicide

Our society needs to talk more openly about suicide. However, public discussion of suicide carries risks, and it’s crucial that such discussion be informed, sensitive and alert to potential harm.
We should be asking legislators and policymakers to build a health-care system that supports better lives for people with mental disorders and their families. (Gus Moretta/Unsplash)

MAID and mental health: Does ending the suffering of mental illness mean supporting death or supporting better lives?

In addition to asking health-care systems to prepare to end suffering of mental illness through Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), we must ask policymakers to support better lives for families.
An increased disconnect from your body can make it easier to harm yourself, whether by disordered eating or suicide. Maskot/Maskot via Getty Images

Eating disorders are the most lethal mental health conditions – reconnecting with internal body sensations can help reduce self-harm

Many people with eating disorders die from suicide. Improving perception of internal body states, or interoception, can help everyone better care for their own bodies.

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