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Articles on Microbiology

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Vacuum dust could carry harmful bacteria

Bacteria and mould found in the dust created by vacuums could lead to health problems in people with allergies, infants and…
It’s not you, it’s the bacteria in your gut. Alaina Abplanalp Photography

Gut feeling: how bacteria can mess with your mood

Probiotics are something of a new dietary craze. Foods contain healthy “probiotic” bacteria, and these microbes can promote good gastrointestinal (GI) health. But what about your brain? Apparently, bacteria…
Australia’s food chain has among the lowest rates of antibiotic resistance, but new threats call for stronger monitoring. Eli Duke

The hunt is on for superbugs in Australian animals

Australia has some of the world’s most conservative restrictions on using antimicrobial drugs in livestock. Possibly as a consequence, we have some of the lowest rates in the world of antibiotic resistance…
Microbial abundances in the sub-seafloor environment are much more variable than thought. giveawayboy

Drastic measures: a revised estimate of Earth’s microbes

A paper released today in the journal PNAS provides a new estimate of microbial abundance, in light of new information, from the sub-seafloor realm (the so-called “deep biosphere”). As such, we now have…

Stowaway yeast breeds lager beer industry

Researchers believe they have finally identified the variety of wild yeast that now underpins the entire lager beer industry…

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