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The Parkinson’s KinetiGraph provides a new way to objectively measure the movements of Parkinson’s sufferers. Malcolm Horne

Watch and learn: a new tool for measuring Parkinson’s disease

For every medical condition, treatments are most effective when measurement guides the choice of therapy and its effects. Just think of diabetes, where blood glucose levels guide the choice of treatment…
The epidermal electronic system can measure your vital signs in a completely unobtrusive way. John A. Rogers

Tattoo you: the stick-on medical revolution

When you think of tattoos you probably imagine bikies, celebrity tats or that Japanese flourish on your left foot that means “Honour” (or so you think). You probably don’t picture medical revolution…
The US FDA is moving to regulate medical mobile apps linked to instruments it currently oversees.

Open app and say aah: the perils of medical diagnosis on a mobile

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to regulate some medical mobile applications, or apps, in an apparent bid to protect consumers from harming themselves or others. At first sight…

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