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We’re all singing from the same hymn sheet and that’s not a good thing. InfoMofo

Is anyone immune to the social media echo chamber?

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that as we spend more time communicating via social media, we are disappearing into bubbles. We receive information from the same sources and witness the views of the…
Chances are your every shopping move is being tracked. Phil Campbell/Flickr

Big Data and personalised pricing: consider yourself gamed

Imagine yourself the CEO of a company that mainly sells one product. One of your goals is to maximise profits. You know you can charge a flat price, or modestly raise profits by using quantity discounts…
Hi I’m Mark and I’m new here, but I want to shake things up. Ludovic Toinel

Mobile operators needn’t fear big spender Zuckerberg

With Facebook eyeing mobile internet, it is no accident that Mark Zuckerberg is making a much-publicised appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. In attendance are executives from…
Someone’s about to get sold a Lucozade. adwriter

Advertisers look with empathy into your front room

Technology is under development to enable advertisers to target products not just at a broad group of people that might be watching a certain type of programme but at specific households and even individuals…

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