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Cable is facing the music. Kerim Okten/EPA

Royal Mail row shows we still don’t understand markets

Business secretary Vince Cable and the boss of the City is facing questions from parliamentary committees this week over the much-maligned sale of a stake in Royal Mail. So will we finally have a definitive…
No more reindeer? Andrew Milligan/PA

No money in post, so why was Royal Mail a good buy?

Royal Mail has been privatised. Even after Margaret Thatcher’s frenzy in the 1980s, it was one of the last UK public enterprises left; now, the coalition government has sold 52% of Royal Mail. Whereas…
Sparks will fly between government and the unions if Royal Mail is sold off. Andrew Milligan/PA

Unions prepare for battle over Royal Mail’s future

Union opposition to the Royal Mail sell-off comes as no surprise to any of us. Postmen and women are well known within the public sector for their militancy. But their response must be careful; both the…

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