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Brain function in people with schizophrenia improves after 20 minutes of being subjected to very mild, painless electrical current to the brain through electrodes on the scalp, a study found. Flickr/lessherger

Tiny brain shocks may help schizophrenia patients

Around 20 minutes of tiny electric shocks to the scalp may improve brain function in schizophrenia patients, a study has…
More studies are needed to conclude that early treatment provides long term benefits for sufferers of psychosis, a major literature review has found. Flickr/Arturo Sotillo

Review finds limited evidence for early intervention in psychosis

Early intervention mental health policies may be gaining favour in Australia, Europe and the U.S. but there is limited evidence…
US psychiatrist Allen Frances is confusing the issues. Julie70/Flickr

Early intervention for psychosis: not just popping pills

A controversy is brewing on the website Psychology Today and subsequently in The Australian newspaper. At the heart of the issue is US psychiatrist Dr Allen Frances’ comments on the Australian Federal…
Mentally ill Australians have a life expectancy 25 years lower than the rest of the population. AAP

Mental illness is no excuse for turning a blind eye to smoking

Almost half of all cigarettes smoked in Australia, the US and the UK are smoked by people with a mental illness. It’s a startling statistic and it paints a grim picture for the physical health of the one…

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