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Edmonton’s new NHL arena opened in 2016 and was partially funded by $226 million from the City of Edmonton. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jason Franson

Offside: The secret deals involving public money for sports stadiums

The Calgary Flames are the latest pro sports team asking for public funds for a new arena. Cities across North America help fund sports facilities, but with little transparency and accountability
Even at major NCAA Division I schools like Alabama, whether or not their athletic programs turn a profit varies by year. Tim Murphy/Flickr

Who actually funds intercollegiate athletic programs?

Parents, government officials, and tuition-paying students are all seeking solutions to the skyrocketing costs of higher education and the burden of student debt. Currently, public universities in America…
Despite once being seen as an innovative nation in sport and athlete development, Australia has fallen behind the pack in recent times. How can we improve? AAP/Alan Porritt

How much are we prepared to pay for international sporting success?

The debate surrounding elite sport funding intensified again this week when newly appointed Minister for Sport, Senator Don Farrell, sent a hard and direct message to sport: …you have to perform or lose…

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