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Vasectomies and abortions require informed consent. Lion Heart Vintage

Gender transition isn’t a whim, so why the mistrust?

When it comes to gender transitions, trans patients are often inappropriately held to higher account when compared to people opting for other kinds of medical care. Standards of care are effectively constructed…
Musician Courtney Pine might not be able to operate in A&E but his work has some similarities to surgery. Flickr/Richard Kaby

Jazz musicians can teach surgeons how to improvise

What could music and surgery have in common? At first sight, not much. Operations aren’t done on stage in front of a large crowd - and nobody dies after a concert if someone plays a wrong note. As an amateur…
Tont-Filippini’s claims could arose fears in the community and prompt people to reject organ donation. Melvin Es

Dead yet? Science, scaremongering and organ donation

In his new book, Catholic bioethicist Nicholas Tonti-Filippini attempts to portray the surgeons involved in organ donation as modern-day grave robbers. As described in a recent article in The Age, Professor…
Around one in every 1,000 patients will recall sounds or senstations while under general anaesthetic. nanda uforians

Why some people ‘wake up’ during surgery

Awareness during general anaesthesia is very uncommon, but when it occurs it’s distressing for patients and their carers. Our understanding of this phenomenon has grown over the past decade but we’re still…
Broadcasting live surgeries in Australia is not only possible, it’s already happening. Flickr/Focus Laser Vision

Broadcasting live surgery: the new reality rather than reality TV

The promise of technology is under-utilised in the medical profession but that’s hopefully about to change. Existing audiovisual equipment within hospitals is being used to fill training gaps and reach…
Johnson and Johnson’s faulty Du Puy hip implants leeched metal into the tissue of some recipients. Okadots

TGA slow to react on dud hip replacements

With joint replacement surgery becoming increasingly common, the flap over a large recall of De Puy hip implants has thousands of Australians worried about the quality and longevity their own hip replacements…
Reimbursing for costs is standard in research but large payments present problems. Flickr/PACOM

Organs for sale? The ethics of paying living kidney donors

The Commonwealth Government is considering a proposal from Kidney Health Australia to reimburse living kidney donors for reasonable expenses incurred during the donation process, such as loss of income…
Surgery and psychiatry attract the most patient complaints and have a high potential for power imbalance. c e d db o/Flikr

Early action against ‘complaint-prone’ doctors may help protect patients

Nearly a fifth of all complaints against doctors in private practice in Victoria are made against a small group of medical professionals. So taking early action against these complaint-prone doctors may…

Obesity creates surgical complications

Obese patients are nearly 12 times more likely to suffer a complication after elective plastic surgery, according to Johns…
Keeping weight off is much harder than losing weight in the first instance. AAP

Weighing up the options on obesity

Prevention is the cornerstone of society’s response to the current obesity epidemic. But even if no more people were to gain much more weight, those who are already obese face serious health problems…

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