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Claims that ABC News siphons readers away from Fairfax publications are unfounded. AAP Image/Joel Carrett

The ABC is not siphoning audiences from Fairfax

Explaining Fairfax’s struggles, CEO Greg Hywood blamed the ABC for distorting the market - but the national broadcaster actually drives traffic to its commercial competitors.
Despite its progressive nature, The Age newspaper has never had a female editor-in-chief. AAP/Mal Fairclough

Why the next editor-in-chief at The Age should be a woman

Women remain systemically underrepresented at the top levels of Australia’s most powerful institutions – including the media, universities, government, judiciary and corporate sector.
Journalists with the skills to dig into social media can discover connections between key players in complex, often global stories. Mathias Rosenthal via

How social media is helping Australian journalists uncover stories hidden in plain sight

From a social media post that cracked open a decades-old abuse scandal in the UK and Australia, through to tracking asylum seekers, social media can be vital in breaking investigative news stories.
Neuroresearch has suggested that readers find Fairfax’s “compact” newspapers more engaging than broadsheets. AAP

Going tabloid: one way out of the red(top) for Fairfax

Much of the commentary surrounding Fairfax Media’s decision to go tabloid (or “compact”, as described by Fairfax) has centred around the perceived changes to content. Content certainly matters, but not…

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