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While dizziness might be annoying when mild and infrequent, it can also be severely debilitating and impairing. from

Health Check: why do we get dizzy?

It is estimated 30% of the general population have experienced moderate to severe dizziness at least once in their lifetime.
Apple’s newest mobile operating system may play havoc with your vestibular system. ohhector

Does iOS 7 make you ill? Give ‘simulator sickness’ the heave

If you feel slightly nauseated while using your iPhone or iPad, you’re not alone: you join a number of people reporting that the zooming, sliding and 3D effects of Apple’s new mobile operating system…
Completely immersive virtual reality is still a little way off - unless you have room to move. Trypode

Rats! Why virtual reality doesn’t feel ‘real’

Have you ever noticed that even detailed, sophisticated virtual reality experiences don’t feel completely “real”? It all comes down to your inner ear - and a study published earlier this month using rats…

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