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When you hear the words “international team of scientists” run for the hills. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Media puts its Bigfoot in it Yeti again: it’s abominable

What ever happened to quality science reporting in the mainstream media? Why do so many journalists seem to simply accept press releases as fact? Are qualifications no longer relevant when it comes to…
So what’s it to be, buddy, my cave or yours? Kaptain Kobold

Sex with our evolutionary cousins? What’s not to love?

We humans had sex with Neandertals; we bonked the relatives of Neandertals; we got down and dirty with members of an as-yet unrecognised African population; and we, of course, got jiggy with each other…
Laughing in a group releases endorphins that help us cope with pain, a study has found. Flickr/puck90

Pain 10% more bearable after laughing with friends

Laughing with friends for around 15 minutes boosts a person’s pain threshold by an average of 10%, an international study…
We now know the exact age of a species that confounds scientists. Lee Berger/University of the Witwaterstrand

Putting meat on the bones of Au. sediba, our oldest ancestor

Since its discovery in August 2008, the site of Malapa in Johannesburg has yielded more than 220 bones of early hominins representing at least six individuals, including the remains of babies, juveniles…

Crop found in Chinese early bird

The presence of a crop in two Early Cretaceous birds points to an essentially modern digestive system that formed early in…

Humans and chimps share more with each other

Chimpanzees have shown significant signs of prosocial behaviour. The new finding is in contrast with previous thought that…

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