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An Ethiopian girl sells barley seeds in northern Tigray. The sub-Saharan Africa seed industry remains largely informal. REUTERS/Radu Sigheti

Local start-ups hold the key to transforming Africa’s seed industry

The seed industry in sub-Saharan Africa suffers from many challenges. India, which has one of the biggest seed markets in the world, offers some lessons on how these challenges could be overcome.
Leader of The Greens, Richard Di Natale, speaking on ABC TV’s Q&A program. Q&A

FactCheck Q&A: Will India no longer buy Australian coal?

Richard Di Natale, leader of The Greens, told the Q&A audience that India will no longer buying Australian coal but presenter Tony Jones said he thought that was wrong. We check the facts.
Some have accused Narendra Modi of leading a ‘directionless’ government, but his focus has been on tackling some of India’s biggest pain points. Harish Tyagi/EPA/AAP

Critics of Modi’s first year forget the legacy he faced

Given the legacy issues Modi had to take on, his first year in office stands up to criticism.
The main strategy of Modi’s economic advisers in the first year has been to treat the Indian economy as the proverbial elephant in the room. Xing Zhe CHINA OUT/EPA/AAP

No, India isn’t outpacing China, and other Modi myths

Mindful of the short attention span of voters, Modi's economic advisers have been careful to avoid selling economic policy as the answer to India's problems.
Modi’s visible international engagement has been as much for domestic as international consumption. Yonhap South Korea Out/EPA/AAP

Modi the statesman must now sell domestic reform

Modi's first year in office saw him visit 19 countries, spending 52 days abroad. But his energy shown overseas has not been matched by the requisite zeal for domestic economic reform.
Indian finance minister Arun Jaitley’s budget managed high expectations with a weaker-than-usual budget situation. Harish Tyagi/AAP

Indian budget balances expectations with constraints

Given its unambiguous mandate at the last election there were high expectations from the maiden budget of the government of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi. However, the fiscal parameters within which…
In China, there has been a shift away from traditional textile and clothing to computers and communications. AAP/EPA/SHEPHERD ZHOU CHINA OUT

As India and China transform, Australian manufacturers must follow

As Australia laments the decline of its manufacturing sector, China is actively taking steps to accelerate its move up the value chain. Historically a low-cost operating environment, China was once an…
A weak rupee is just one of India’s woes. Ravindraboopathi

India must clean up its act to benefit from US shutdown

The US debt crisis is over for now, but legislators have just kicked the can down the road. In this series on the US debt ceiling, academics from Australia, the UK and the US assess the lingering global…
Corruption is harming India’s manufacturing. Dave Morris

Corruption and cronyism put the breaks on India’s growth

With the economies of developed countries picking up, India risks being left behind as concerns grow over its economy and the viability of investing in its markets and companies. Investors are now turning…

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