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Narendra Modi won’t back away from border disputes with China if he wins the Indian election. Al Jazeera English/Flickr

Modi won’t be soft on China if he wins Indian election

Considering India’s aspirations to be a global power, foreign policy has played but a minor role in the current election campaign. The manifestos of the major parties also say little on the subject, so…
Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson believes the taxation white paper will be a good opportunity to overhaul parts of the tax system. AAP Image/AFP Pool, Saeed Khan

Treasury secretary sends strong hint on need for GST reform

Modern governments believe that during budget framing it is politically savvy to parade the pain. We saw it with Labor and the Coalition is doing the same. There are scary scenarios of what would happen…
If Arthur Sinodinos couldn’t be across key facts about a company of which he became chairman, how can he and the government credibly argue that someone with no expertise should be their own watchdog? AAP/Daniel Munoz

Grattan on Friday: While Sinodinos is off at ICAC, someone should have a look at his financial advice legislation

Interviewed recently about the government’s plan to roll back key consumer protections in Labor’s financial advice legislation, Arthur Sinodinos said his advice to consumers was to “get more informed…
Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, WA Labor leader Mark McGowan, Federal Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek and Federal Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan in Perth this week. Joe Bullock is conspicuously absent. AAP/Tim Clarke

The “shoppies” rotten borough in WA Labor

Parties keep saying they want to attract better candidates and then continue to throw up some shockers. On the evidence, one such has the top spot on the ALP’s ticket for the West Australian Senate election…

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