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People who are questioning whether to continue taking statins should talk to a doctor. Hilke Kurzke

Worried about taking statins? Here’s what you need to know

After last week’s controversial Catalyst program on the ABC, some people may be wondering whether they should stop taking statins to lower their cholesterol. But before making such a decision, read this…
What should we make of the claims about saturated fats and cholesterol-lowering drugs? Image from

Viewing Catalyst’s cholesterol programs through the sceptometer

On the past two Thursdays, the ABC’s Catalyst program set off a chain reaction of protest from sections of the medical community, aghast that the non-medical media would question the accepted wisdom that…
Statins have improved the quality of life for many people who would have otherwise suffered debilitating cardiovascular disease. Mykl Roventine

Some things you should know about statins and heart disease

Cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke) causes the most deaths in Western countries overall and the vast majority of premature deaths. Drugs known as statins have been the cornerstone of how we…
The Australian government pays $50 a month for a drug that costs $2 a month in New Zealand.

Looking for an easy $260 million in savings? Reform the PBS

A government-appointed committee makes a recommendation that would save taxpayers $260 million within a year, but it’s ignored. And people at risk of heart attacks lose out. Let me explain via a ripping…

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