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Australia continues to enjoy voter turnout levels that are the envy of voluntary-voting regimes the world over. AAP/Lukas Coch

Election explainer: why do I have to vote, anyway?

The majority of Australians approve of compulsory voting – and have done so for decades. The nay-sayers continue to be a minority.
Receiving votes from the internet is the easy part. Proving that you got the right result, while keeping votes private, is an unsolved problem. AAP/Paul Miller

Election explainer: why can’t Australians vote online?

Despite years of research, nobody knows how to provide evidence of an accurate result while keeping individual e-votes private.
The best way to ensure your vote contributes as much as it can to the election of senators is to number as many squares as you can. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Election explainer: how does the Senate count work?

Following the Turnbull government’s recent changes, Australia has new rules for electing senators. How will they work in practise?
While there may not be too many voters in swimsuits or shorts at this year’s winter poll, increasing numbers of Australians are voting before election day. AAP/Paul Miller

Pre-polling gains popularity, but makes life harder for politicans and parties

A growing number of people are pre-polling, or voting before election day. This has significant implications for the parties in terms of rolling out policy and voter engagement.

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